Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aquarama 2009

Aquarama 2009 has ended today. It was held at Suntec Singapore from 28 to 31 May 2009. I didn't take any event photo but you can take a look other people photos at Aquatic Quotient.

I did join the plated tank competition with William and we actually won the first price. The competition requires us to scape the tank on the spot. They give us 2 days to do the job. The most difficult part is when we need to carry all the hardscape to convention hall. Imagine carrying 70kg of lapis sand and rocks which is about the same total weight as lapis sand. Of course we did not carry it in one time. Forgot to mention that all this thanks to Benny (Aquatic Quotien Admin) that sponsoring us at the same time convince the organizer for late entry. Honestly when we aware of this competition, the entry was already closed.

One thing for sure the organizer doesn’t really know about planted tank. For example the tank was filled with water when we arrive. We end up have to use pail to throw the water away before we can start scaping. They also provide us wrong info on the tank size. Initial info was 100x50x50cm but endup 88(L)x45(W)x61(H)cm. They provide us with only 2x36W PL light which kind of too low for tank this size, not to mention 2ft height. They also provide us with CO2 which kind of contradict the light wattage. No solenoid for the CO2. No timer for the light, thus light have to turn ON 24 hours for 1 week. At the end of exibishion, the plant condition is really bad, leaves are start rotting everywhere.

Me and william with big tropy but we can't keep it though. It is only for publication (photo taken by StanChung)

This is the small tropy that we can take home (photo taken by StanChung)

Detail of the tropy:

Photo of our tank (photo taken by StanChung)


  1. Hi Robert,

    Congrat for winning the First prize at Aquarama 2009. Very well setup and proud of you on behalf of the AQ forum.


  2. Great job that you guys have done there!!! The layout is amazing! Congrats for both :-)


    Filipe Oliveira