Thursday, January 13, 2011

GEX Aquarium Fan

The problem with living in tropical country is the weather is hot all year round. That not really help aquascaper hobbyist since plants metabolism is increases at higher temperature. Thus their require more CO2 and Nutrient. In addition to that some plant grow differently at different water temperature. It is very obvious in moss. So I decided to get fan for my newly setup 2ft tank. I do have chiller for my 3ft tank but running 2 chiller is not pocket friendly as well as space friendly.

After some looking around I decided to get GEX mainly because space constrain, GEX have the mechanical design that allow it to be configure in 2 different ways. It also have removable nets on the air intake that make it easy to clean.

GEX fan come in 3 different sizes, this model is for 60cm tank as indicated on the box (left bottom corner).

What inside the box:

Be careful with the holder, make sure use the piece of plastic provided to prevent the screw from scratching the glass tank. You can also take out the small protrusion as shown on picture below.

One of the reason why I choose GEX is because I don't have space to get those typical aquarium fan. I have 2x55W PL light that occupy the whole top of my 2ft tank. There is only small space left in between the light where I can put the fan.

Configure the fan so that it can fit the space. By the way, there is another tank beside so I can configure the other way.

One problem with this fan is it is quite noisy. I expected it to be quieter since it is 2 or 3 time the price of normal aquarium fan. So I decided to reduce the voltage from default 12V to 9V, it reduce the noise quite a lots but you need to buy your own adapter.


Pros: Good mechanical design, compact and flexible design, easy to clean.

Cons: Very noisy with the default 12V. Need to reduce supply to 9V to reduce the noise


  1. Is this as good as the normal PC fan? From the pic, the tunnel for the wind looks small compared to normal DC fan with larger surface area. I'm thinking of getting one if it's comparable. Thx

  2. I have no way of comparing it with PC fan. It is able to drop 2-3 degree C, I guess should be comparable to PC fan but it couples time more expensive :p