Monday, April 6, 2015

DIY Lily Pipe Magnet Cleaner

 I've been using flexible brush (Marina cleaning brush) to clean my lily pipe but every time it always give me a fright of breaking the glass. The brush is not flexible enough especially around the corner. I come up with an idea of using magnet to clean the inner lily pipe. It is not new idea, I saw people DIY magnet glass cleaner using 2 magnets and wrap one of them with filter wool. Using the same idea by wrapping small metal, small enough to fit inside lily pipe, with filter wool and use magnet to move it around.

What you need:
Ball bearing, filter wool and strong magnet. I use about 5mm diameter ball bearing. Ball bearing size can be different depending on you lily pipe inner diameter. I got the strong magnet from broken 3.5" hard drive.

Slice the filter wool. I cannot use the whole wool because it is too thick, cannot fit the tube.

Wrap the ball bearing with filter wool

Tie it and cut away the excess and that about it.

Test run, cleaning curve section of lily pipe

and cleaning straight section of lily pipe

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Present from Thailand

I got present from Thailand, coincidentally it arrived exactly on my birthday. Thank you AAC organizer!!


Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo'

Look how thick Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo' growth without sign of yellowing at the bottom. Unlike my previous favorite carpet plant, HC.

Monday, February 2, 2015

IIAC (ISTA International Aquascaping Contest) 2015

New international competition from Taiwan (

Very promising event, it could even be better that IAPLC. Judges, scoring method and prizes are already better than IAPLC. There are 13 Judges, all top scapers around the world unlike IAPLC judges who some of them don't even know how to scape. Submission open 1st February, close 31st July. The interesting part, it is accepting 5 works for each participants unlike IAPLC only 1 work per participants. Another interesting part is the scoring method, the highest and lowest score will be deducted and calculate the mean as final scores. The result will be announced 1st November. Lets see how it goes, looking forward to it.

Very promising event, it could even be better that IAPLC.

Grand Prize: US$ 10,000 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Gold Prize: US$ 3,000 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Silver Prize: US$ 1,500 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Bronze Prize: US$ 1,000 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Merit Prize: US$ 500 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Honorable Mention (6th - 10th): US$ 300 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Winning Work (11th - 20th): US$ 150 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Nomination Work (21st - 50th): US$50 + Certificate