Monday, August 2, 2010

2ft - River Valley

Many aquascaper have created mountain scape, so this time around I decided to try one for myself. I want to make mountain scape but I do not want it too look like another Iwagumi. Time to ask uncle Google for advice. I am browsing around internet looking for idea and the first photo that caught my attention was lake Moraine. I decided to make something similar. After few months of plants grow, I notice the scape become too borring. My team mate call it newbie tank.

I am having trouble creating large size lake just like in the photo without making it too boring. In the photo the water in the lake create ripple and reflection which make it interesting. No way to re create that with white sand. Large empty area with same material or plants always make it boring. I need to find the way to break it. Searching for alternative way, I found fantastic photo of Toad River from National Geographic. So I change the lake into small river with many branch and twist. It wasn't a great scape but at least it shouldn't be too boring.

O... by the way this tank was suppose to be experimental tank. Many people (I was one of them) believe that flame moss need cold water (around 25 degree C) to have nice flaming effect. But I was wrong this tank water temperature was hover around 28-30 degree C with the help of 24hrs fan and yet the moss give nice flame effect. On hot day, it can even go up to 32 degree C. Also if you are notice, I use only 36W PL to grow HC on 2ft or ~20 gallon tank. Again many people was think that HC require very high light but not necesary the case.

The only different is moss grow in high water temperature look skinnier as seen in 100% crop below. The moss on top is flame moss and the moss below is spiky moss. See how skinny the spiky moss is compare to the same moss on my other chilled tank.

Tank specification:
1. Tank size: 60x30x32cm

2. Light: 36W PL
3. CO2: 2bps injected using inline diffuser
4. Temperature: 28-30 degree C
5. Filter: Eheim 2215
6. Substrate: ADA Amazonia
7. Fertilizer: EI

Plants list:
1. Hemianthus callitrichoides

2. Taxiphyllum sp. (Flame moss)
3. Taxiphyllum sp. (Spiky moss)

Some photos showing where the idea come from. Photos was taken from the internet, not mine. So if you are the owner, please let me know and I will take it down.


  1. you have a beautiful aquarium ... and the idea that came from the picture is amazing, congratz.

  2. wow! its a great concept... how many time from 1st setup until looks like that pict? perfect...

  3. You mean how long? take about 4 to 5 months

  4. what media do you use in your ehiem 2215?
    Love it!

  5. Great! what kind of media did u use for your eheim?

  6. I'm using sintered glass ceramic ring and filter wool

  7. jurnal please..

  8. hmmm how do you clean your substate if your tank is like that>

  9. Siphon it together during weekly water change.

  10. This tank was suppose to be testing tank, so did not take much photo during the setup