Saturday, January 31, 2009

DIY Light Pendant

My 3ft tank is powered by Metal Halide (MH). It is very basic type, only MH and control gear no Fluorescent lamp and night LED light. Problem is It harsh to the eye. For that I wash thinking to add PL light t soften the view. Unfortunately adding those 3ft T5 light would end-up blocking some of the light. The only way is to hang light bulb on left, right and at the same height as MH. Searching light pendant at light shop doesn't seem to be fruitful. All the pendant that they have either too wide, too tall or too narrow, not to mention expensive. I guess it is time for DIY.

Parts are shown below:

Part list:

  1. Disposable aluminum pan, 2 for S$2.70

  2. Clip on light fixture S$2.80

  3. Light bulb, price depend on the wattage

  4. Double sided tape, and sticky tape

Total around S$4.15 (excluding light bulb)

First cut the aluminum pan from the edge to the center as shown on the picture (left) below. Bend it so that it create a cone shape. Use double sided tape, glue or other mean to keep the cone in shape.

After that use the light bulb holder and mark it on the cone. Cut the aluminium foil as shown in figure below (middle), insert the light bulb holder and secure it using sticky tape.

DIY pendant hang together with MH. It may not pretty but serve its purpose well.


  1. Hi Robert,

    In your last photo showing the 2 pendants by the side of the MH, may I know how do you do the bracket to hang the MH? I am looking for a similar bracket as well.

    Many thanks.

  2. That braket is actually come together when I bought the MH. However, it is quite easy to DIY. You just need to sketch your design, visit hardware shop which sell Aluminum pipe, show them the design and they will be able to advice what you need