Monday, July 21, 2008

DIY Aquarium Fan for small tank

I would like to share my DIY Aquarium Fan, nothing fancy and all the parts are scavenger from broken PC. Actually it is not worth of doing DIY because the cost of buying the component is about the same as aquarium fan bought from local fish shop.

The parts are shown below:

Parts List:

  1. Fan (taken from spoil PC chasing)

  2. Power adaptor Jack (female): S$1.50

  3. 12V DC power supply: S$5 (only Choa Chu Kang neighborhood shop sell at that price)

  4. Glass divider holder: $0.30

  5. Plastic to hold the fan (taken from spoiled printer paper tray)

  6. PVC glue

Total around S$6.80 (New Aquarium fan is about S$10 - S$12)

First need to bend the paper tray about 45 degree or as you see fit. Refer to picture below, right side is original and left side after bending. I use fire from candle to head up the join and bend it while hot. Need a bit practice, we do not want it too close to fire and burn the plastic. On the other hand we want it to be close and hot enough for us to easily bend it.

Once done, glue the fan to the paper tray and then glue the paper tray to the glass divider holder. Wait for few minutes until it dry, after than solder the power adaptor jack to the fan cable and that about it.

Its look pretty good when mounted on 1ft tank.

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