Friday, April 3, 2009

Aquascaping Tools Pouch

Too many Aquascaping tools (Sand flatenner, different type of scissors and differen type of tweezers) and wondering how too keep?

Simple, Daiso S$2 "easy work pouch". It is suppose to be for gardening purpose, thus you can get it from gardening section. What need to be done is little bit of sewing to partition the pouch into different compartment for individual tool. You can use either sewing machine or do it manually.

It is come with 2 big pouch, each pouch can be devided into 3 individual compartment. Each compartment can nicely fit one tool.

This is what my finished pouch look a like:

Me wearing aquascaping tool pouch:


  1. LOL! Never thought of wearing that for aquascaping purposes :)

    - sweetpuff

  2. mantap om...ber DIY ria juga ya :)

  3. BRILLIANT - I'm getting TWO! :)