Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Loaded Scissor

ADA S$120 Pro-Scissors Spring

(Picture from ADA web site)

This scissor is very useful for moss trimming or other trimming that require precision. Cutting a strand of hairgrass can be achieve easily using this scissor. ADA do have similar product (Pro-Scissors Spring) but as you know with ADA products, it isn't cheap S$120. Accidetally, I found different scissor but have similar function from Daiso (2 dolars shop) for fraction of cost. It was sell as part of fishing equipment.

It may not look much, but it serve the purpose well. It is sharp to the tip. The loaded spring make accuracy possible. Normally with normal scissor, the action of opening and closing cause scissor to wobble even with short scissor. Thus it is difficult to make an accurate cutting. With spring scissor what you do to cut is just press it to close. This reduce wobble and improve accuracy. It is also handy to use for trimming at tight spaces.

Daiso S$2 spring scissor

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  1. Good search. Will include this in my planted tools.