Thursday, May 7, 2009

Added E.vivipara and Riccia

Latest update: I added E.vivipara at background and Riccia here and there around the stone. HC need major trimming but if I do now, it wont be ready for IAPLC which end on May. Curently the tank is maintain by my colleague. We have one to one exchange my tank and his new empty tank with a note that he need to return the hardscape one he bored with this scape.


  1. Robertus Hartono,
    Im César Trigo, from Acuavida Aquascaping ContestPersonally I am a faithful follower of your blog.

    I come to invite you to participate in the Spanish International Aquascaping Contest, AAC 2009, and give you some information:

    You can participate with aa maximun of 3 aquariums per category:
    - Miniature tanks (tanks between 0 and 60 liters)
    - Medium-sized tanks (tanks between 61 and 250 liters)
    - Large tanks (tanks over 250 liters)

    For us will be a pleasure have your participation.

    Closing date is on May 30. You can send your application with this form:
    If you have any question please ask me.

    Thank you so much.

    César Trigo Esteban

  2. Hi!

    Excellent layout and wounderful plants!

    I really like the Iwagumi style. :)


  3. Thank you glad that you like it. Honestly it look much better when I remove the E.vivipara at background. The E.vivipara mass is not good enough to create an impact.