Thursday, July 12, 2012

IAPLC 2012 top 200 similarity with previous IAPLC

Apparently the scape owner (Georgi Chaushev) not happy that I post his tank picture. Anyway, picture removed but you can still take a look at the tank mention below. You may need IAPLC competition book though.

IAPLC 2010 rank #176 and IAPLC 2012 tank #198
IAPLC 2011 rank #280 and IAPLC 2012 tank #21


  1. seem like IAPLC lost their respect liao

    1. I don't expect IAPLC committee to remember every single entries every year, it is about 2000 pictures. I was hopping that hobbyist around the world become their eyes, let them know and it is up to them to decide what to do with it. It is not nice to see same scape but it does not break the competition rule either

      IAPLC probably wont take out the scape from top 200 but at least it will effect the vote and Judges decision.

      Don't let the 2010 rank #7 which was mirror of 2009 rank #136 by the same person to happen again.

  2. o.O

    Can I uptade it in my post ?

    Bad top 200 2012... Save some layouts.

  3. Anonymous said...Robert you do not have my permision to publish this material. I have reported the abuse to google. next thing to happen is to send you a lawyer as well.
    Remove the material now.

    Georgi Chaushev