Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obvious Photo Editing at Top 200 IAPLC 2012

Spotted obvious photo editing at Top 200 IAPLC 2012

Original picture from IAPLC web site (tank #65), look that top left corner red box

200% zoom

It is amazing how IAPLC committee actually miss it.

Update 12 July 2012: It was reported here that it was dues to some anomaly during upload. Below is the animated gif from the website.

However, my guess is the submitter was play around with the idea of nana all the way to the top. He made a rough edit to see how it will look. Unfortunately during submission, he submitted the wrong file....oops....

I'm saying this because there should be error correction or parity check or CRC check during data transfer.


  1. ha ha it is funny
    What Do you think about 167?

  2. Hi,

    Look the animation gif here about this layout: