Thursday, December 3, 2009

My tank at Aquajournal No. 170. Unfortunately I can't read Japanese. I was asking friend friend's to translate it and this is what come out. My friend friend's is not a hobbyist, so the translated sentence may sound weird sometime but good enough.

This is about how you can show your woods or other glasses (Aquarium?) look beautiful and natural.


A) The center of the wood look broken and unatural. The left wood's curve is not natural, the curve should be up not down. It is better to change the position of wood and it can be balanced.

B) The Anubias are too many in the tank so it is not nice. The white sand is difficult to keep long, because it easy to get dirty, moss and other dirty things. So it is not good to use white sand if you want to keep it long. You can find kind of white sand but it not easy to get dirty one. (white sand but not easy to get dirty, what kind of sand is that?)

C) It better to remove the stone between the woods since you have woods. It looks more deeper images if you remove it.


  1. Congratulations Roberto, really difficult to have a correct translation, but it is a honor to have your beautiful tank in Aqua Journal

    Ciao Enrico

  2. hei...your tank is also there. There also your photo during iwagumi competition. You should order Aquajournal 170 ;)

  3. Hi Robert,
    I like your tank set up very much. A pitty, there is only negative critism in the article. I give my kudos to you.

  4. It is suppose to be Mr. Amano comments on how to improve the scape. I guess it is expected to be negative, otherwise I will be the grand champion... hahaha