Monday, December 21, 2009

AGA 2009

My latest photo which is submnited to AGA 2009 competition. This is probably the last photo, this tank will soon be hand over to other and I can start with new scape.

The AGA judges comment are:

"Pretty tank with healthy well-grown tank. The central stump (?) is little stark and overpowering however." - Karen Randall

"Nice tank! I love the use of Elatine as the foreground. It seems to work grean in this tank and the Hydrocotyl is a nice contrast to the other grasslike plants. Some additional fern growth to the left of the stump would soften up the stark vertical line pf the driftwood. Although the L. brevipes is one of my favorite plant, it use in this tank is overpowered by the driftwood. Nice tank." - Bailin Shaw

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