Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3ft - Summer Breeze

This is the time of year where Aquascaper around the world are rushing up for the most anticipate competition event in Aquascaping community, "The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest" in short IAPLC.

This year I will be submitting my 3ft tank. In fact this is my first 3ft tank scaping. Many unexpected events happened, for example sudden attack of green water, although the tank have been stable for 6 month. Most recent event is even worst. Part of Java ferns are turning brown. It is really unexpected and nothing I can do except trimming the effected fern. I'm pretty sure it wont recovers in time for competition. Thus, I'm adding or to be precise redirect stem plant grow to cover the gap.

Unfortunately there will be no photo, until ADA party which will be held in October 17th, 2009. OK at least give a bit of hint, part of my scape idea was from photo below (photo are taken from Aquajournal vol. 150).

I'm curently need help to decidea my scape title. I short listed 4 names: Moning Sun, Summer Sun, Morning Breeze and Summer Breeze. So far Morning Breeze and Summer Breeze are the most popular. Please help and vote.

Based on vote, majority favor Summer Breeze (Morning Breeze 4 votes and Summer Breeze 9 votes).

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