Monday, September 1, 2008

Comments from Aquascaper at AQ

I would like to share some of the comments from fellow Aquascaper at AQ. It was difficult to understand at first but after some discussion, I got the idea. It is very constructive comments that make me think way to improve my scape in near futhure.

Thank you guys.

1. The 2 very visible wood are poking out at the 2 corner, making the setup bit too symmetrical.
2. The top is flat and monotone.
3. The fish seems too small for the setup, hardly visible.
4. I like the base where we can see some wood/moss protruding out which created some depth. Can have more of such.
5. The hairgrass at the 2 corners seems a bit out of place to me, especially on the right one where looks like a standalone patch of hairgrass.

1. Impression could be better. Dynamism/boldness. This because one look and I would feel I've seen it already.[There's a past honor prize with M pteropus needle leaf island layout]. A note about Island setups. They're very hard to make dynamic, it's a very static layout. If you look at the previous M pteropus needle leaf layout, it had very nice gnarly texture wood base with lots to see and nice wavy M pteropus needle leaf. This help greatly to create the impression of flow and break up the static look of island setups.
2. I'm not going into detail about the minor items about your layout as you can already spot them yourself and most of it already mentioned by Jacian. They are important as they are the finishing touches.
3. My last mention would be to always have decently large thickets of plants. The few strands of M pteropus needle leaf makes the tank look new.

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