Monday, February 2, 2015

IIAC (ISTA International Aquascaping Contest) 2015

New international competition from Taiwan (

Very promising event, it could even be better that IAPLC. Judges, scoring method and prizes are already better than IAPLC. There are 13 Judges, all top scapers around the world unlike IAPLC judges who some of them don't even know how to scape. Submission open 1st February, close 31st July. The interesting part, it is accepting 5 works for each participants unlike IAPLC only 1 work per participants. Another interesting part is the scoring method, the highest and lowest score will be deducted and calculate the mean as final scores. The result will be announced 1st November. Lets see how it goes, looking forward to it.

Very promising event, it could even be better that IAPLC.

Grand Prize: US$ 10,000 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Gold Prize: US$ 3,000 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Silver Prize: US$ 1,500 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Bronze Prize: US$ 1,000 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Merit Prize: US$ 500 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Honorable Mention (6th - 10th): US$ 300 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Winning Work (11th - 20th): US$ 150 + Metal Plate + Certificate
Nomination Work (21st - 50th): US$50 + Certificate

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