Saturday, September 20, 2014

3ft - Hope

This is my IAPLC 2014 submitted tank. I was shock when IAPLC committee decided to change the rule so late. Normally in any competition that I knew of, judging rule was finalize before the competition start, so that the participant can scape their tank according to the rule. Never the less, I considered my self lucky to be able to get rank #16.

Unfortunately I cannot post the FTS (Front Tank Shot) now, at least until 26 October 2014 after the IAPLC party. It is nothing new, something that ADA have been requested to all high ranker tank. Be patient and wait, in the meat time I post some snap shot of the tank.

Some mini fern.

US fissiden sticking on the rock with male cherry shrimp grassing on it.

Unknown plant from Borneo, in between Staurogyne and rock. Come together hitchhike on the Bucephalandra shipment. It has been with me for 2 years and its growing despite very slow.

edit: friend told me it is Aridarium caulescens var. angustifolium

Lone Trigonostigma espei lost in the jungle.

Closed up of one of the Trigonostigma espei

Water fall


  1. Great piece of scape as usual! Congrats on your high IAPLC ranking. Mind to share some tips?

    How do you grow those US fissiden on the branch or rock? By tieing them or just moist the rock/branch till the moss rooted/hold on to the wood/rock then submerge?

    If by tieing, when do you cut off the lines as I dun see any in the pic.

    Do you know of any other moss similar to US fissiden that can grow even in higher temperature around 29-30 degree?

    1. Nothing special really, for branch is very easy, normally I will use string to tie. Rock a bit tricky. Some rocks have holes, you can stuff the fissiden in the holes and let it grow. Some rock have smooth surface, no holes, this is where I use glue.

    2. Hello, what's glue did you use ? Thank you.

    3. Super glue but use the gel type so that it is not smearing all over the place. Don't glue the whole fissiden, just glue one of its end. By the glue is hard to clean so use only when necessary, in case you want to reuse the hard scape.

  2. Noted. Thanks for sharing!

  3. is that water fall real flowing????like sand water fall????