Monday, November 18, 2013

AGA 2013 Result is Out !!!

AGA 2013 result is out, you can get the detail from the link below

In summary the top 3 winner from each category are:
Below 28L
1st Paulo Vitor Pacheco, (Brazil)
2nd Hong Te Syu (Taiwan)
3rd Cheah Swee Lim (France)

28L to 60L
1st Fabian Kussakawa (Brazil)
2nd Harry Kwong (Hong Kong)
3rd Hong Te Syu (Taiwan)

60L to 120L
1st and Best of Show Marcelo Tonon Chiovatto (Brazil)
2nd Nobphacha Yimyou (Thailand)
3rd Mustafa Erdogar (Turkey)
Honorable Mention Paulo Vitor Pacheco (Brazil)

120L to 200L
1st Robertus Hartono (Singapore) - this is my tank
2nd Michael G.W. Wong (Hong Kong)
3rd Chen, Han-Hsuan (Taiwan)

200L to 320L
1st Andre Luiz Longarco (Brazil)
2nd Timucin Sagel (Turkey)
3rd Zanda Sejane (Latvia)
Honorable Mention wong chung ming (Macau)

Above  320L
1st Sim Kian Hong (Malaysia)
2nd Lao Chan Fei (Macau)
3rd Michael G.W. Wong (Hong Kong)
Most Innovative Wang Chao (China)

Biotope Aquascape
1st Geoffrey Gallo (USA)
2nd Andrea Perotti (Italy)
3rd Zanda Sejane (Latvia)

1st Luidi Rafael de Souza Doim (Brasil)
2nd Lee Ming Hei (China)
3rd Fabian Kussakawa (Brasil)
Honorable mention Petra Bašić (Croatia)

Congratulation to all !!!

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