Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1ft - Low Tech Tank

Sharing my nano low tech tank.

Tank size: 30x18x20cm
5 years old ADA Amazonia (I doubth if it still have nutrient in it)
No CO2 injection nor other Carbon suplement
Eheim 2211
18W PL light
No fertilizer dosing

- Glossostigma elatinoides
- Mini Pelia
- US fissiden
- Eleocharis parvula
- Spiky moss


  1. My low tech Glossostigma elatinoides cant grow...mini pelia is abundant

    Why ar?

    1. hard to tell without knowing much of the detail, there are many thing that can effect plant grow.

  2. Wow this is a beautiful tank! I currently have a similar sized tank and have no idea what to do with it.

  3. wah ! this so beautiful. what temperature is your tank?

    1. This is office tank with 24hrs air conditioner, the water temp should be around 24-25C

  4. With such low light & no nutrients, glosso can grow? & the moss can grow so densely? How did you do it! I'm starting to think it's because of the temp. Most of us can't get these kind of results If temp is 28-30. But if temp is <25 and we can get these results, then temperature is something that's very very important in aquascaping. Meaning if we have no chiller or live without aircon just give up lol. Using a fan would be really troublesome doing topups all the time either.

    1. My experience is in tank with high nutrient, need higher light to make glosso grow low. In low light tank, I need to reduce/stop the nutrient and make them grow low. The leaf size is less than half the leaf of normal glosso grown in high nutrient tank. It become dwarf, maybe because its dwarf that why it grow low.

      I have not try at higher temp, so can't comment on the temperature impact.