Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Singapore and Malaysia IAPLC Participants are Declining

Number of IAPLC participants from South East Asia countries starting from 2006 to 2013. Compare to other South East Asia Countries, both Singapore and Malaysia participants seems to be declining.


  1. Sory Robert, but what the hell you are writing for? What do you think The Nature aquar is the art or just the any production?
    What you are thinking about? If you call it the art then what the hell you are waiting for constant increase?

    1. What make you thing post has something to do with Art?

      The graph was just a raw data showing participant rate of IAPLC at different year, which might implies Aquascaping interest in the particular country (debatable). I do not implies or suggest anything. Different people might see the data differently.

      For example:
      - Hobbyist will think less people to exchange scaping idea or asking for help.
      - Fish shop owner may think less interest then lets not stock too much aquascaping material which will make harder to get material and reduce the interest further.
      - Distributor might think, this particular country have increase in interest lets visit them and learn from them.
      - etc