Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plant Grown in Low vs. High Tech

There was many discussion in forums about how attractive low tech tank due to low maintenance, less algae, low electric bill but fail to mention the pant grow differences. From my experience growing plants both in low tech and high tech tank, I notice obvious grow pattern differences. Some are minor and some are quite obvious. These grow pattern may not be important to planted tank hobbyist but it is very important to Aquascaper. Sometime or most of the time, we want them to grow in certain manner to expose its beauty.

I'm trying to compile list of different aquatic plant species grown both in low tech and high tech. How it look when it grow in low tech compare to high tech. It will not be scientific, let the botanist handle that part. There wont be any explanation why, it will be just simple obvious observation between the two.

All of the pictures are from my tank. It will take a while to compile it, especially those plants grow in low tech tank are very-very-very slow....zzzZz......

Low Tech: Low light (e.g. 1x24W T5HO over 2ft tank), no CO2 injection, no fertilizer dosing
High Tech: High light (e.g. 4x24W T5HO over 2ft tank), CO2 injection and EI fertilizer dosing
Both tank are using ADA Amazonia soil, water temperature is around 25 degree C. Also the color different in the photos, unless mention otherwise, is due to camera white balance.

1. Glossostigma elatinoides
Beside the obvious of Glossostigma elatinoides grow faster in high tech tank, it grow smaller and shorter in low tech tank. Some may ask "how did I manage to grow creeping glossostigma in low tech tank?"... Top Secret.... LOL... actually I can't give much explanation, it just did. I have no problem growing creeping glossostigma in both low and high tech tank. My guess something to do with nutrient balance but more research need to be done to confirm it which I'm not gonna do.


  1. What is the light on duration? I'm surprise glosso can survive with just 24w. I assume for low tech tank the wpg rule doesn't apply? For a 4ft low tech tank how many watt do you suggest? Tks.

    1. Its seem to be do able, I grow glosso in 30cm tank with 18W light (

      I do not know what light suitable for 4ft low tech tank, maybe 54W?

    2. Nice! How long does it take to cover the foreground? And it creep too! Amazing!

      I don't have 5 years old ADA amazonia. Maybe around 1 year plus. I will try 72w.