Friday, February 1, 2013

Latest Grading Sytem for IAPLC2013

Cut and paste from ADA Newsletter:

[IAPLC 2013] Important announcement about the change of contest grading method.

Going back to the previous grading system!
In the last year's contest, a new evaluation method was introduced; it included
the internet voting process as well as on-site popular voting by Nature Aquarium
Party participants at the party. The reaction for the new system was remarkable
and had mixed feelings. We've received many feedback and opinions about the new
grading system from the contestants, ADA's distributors / registered retailers
and contest supporters:

- No big surprise at the party because all top ranked layouts were already
announced to the public before the party.
- The whole grading process took too long.
- It was such a big disappointment that the contest booklet wasn't available
at the party.
- I'm not against the idea of adopting a voting system, but simply prefer the
previous grading system.

With careful consideration of feedbacks like these, IAPLC 2013 Contest Steering
Committee decided to go back to the previous grading system.
There is still an issue of releasing images of top ranked layouts on internet
by some contestants. We will try to prevent it by strongly requesting
contestants not to reveal their layout photos before the party and pushing back
the delivery date of the contest result. For a fair and clean contest process,
we will definitely need cooperation and support from all contestants.

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  1. This is good news, I guess. We can to blame judges of the contest for everything again.