Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY LED light set for ADA mini S

Another DIY LED light for my ADA cube garden mini S tank.

1. 62x5cm aluminum plate, used as a heat sink (US$10)
2. CREE XR-E Q5 LED (US$3.95x3 = US$11.85)
- 3.7V typical driving voltage
- Manufacturer Rated 228 Lumens at 1000mA input current:350mA: 107~114lm
700mA: 171.2~182.4lm
1000mA: 214 ~ 228lm
3. 900mA 10W Constant Curent Source LED (US$5.61)
- 10 watt high power LED driver
- Input voltage: AC 85~265V
- Output voltage: DC 9~11V
- Output current: 900mA4.
Miscelaneous items: thermal paste, screw and bolt, cable and small container

Top view of the vertical stand. The screw hole is used to adjust the LED height.
Side view
Top view of the horisontal part, this is where the LED be. I will be using 3x3W CREE XR-E Q5 LED.

Side view

Combine both vertical and horisontal.

Electrical wiring

Light set hand on the cube garden. The height of the LED is adjustable. Below photo is where it set to maximum height.


  1. Hey. Very interesting stuff you got.
    He wanted to make myself something like that.
    Poschital money to get $ 50-60
    How much is your lamp?

  2. Updated with price info on individual material. That should answer your question ;)

  3. Thank prices saw a pity that in my country, all twice as expensive (

  4. Impressive Robert. I'm intend to DIY one for my 45x20x20cm. I have 3 questions?
    1. Does the same setup 3 x led enough for my setup?
    2. Is your setup hot after long run?
    3. Should I use 1000ma led driver or anywhere in the range of 350 to 1000 will do the job?


    1. I don't know. I don't even know whether 3x3W is enough or too much for my tank. Not until I try it.

      I'm running my LED with 900mA and it is not that hot, around 45C after running for 8 hours.

  5. Yoz! I'm living in Singapore.

    I was wondering where did u bought and how much did it cost for your following items listed below:
    1) CREE LED
    2) LED Driver
    3) Aluminum Plate
    4) Screws & Bolts
    5) Thermal Paste

    Hopefully that u will be able to provide the website link or shop name and location.

    Thankz a million...

    1. I got CREE LED from DealExtreme

      LED Driver also from DealExtreme

      Aluminium plate and Screw/bolts from neighborhood hardware shop

      Thermal paste can get from sim lim.

  6. Thankz Robert for sharing the info with us

    May I know the address and name of the hardware shop u bought the aluminium plate?
    And how does it cost too?

    Is it all right to use this thermal paste from DealExtreme?

    1. The shop is near Green Chapter, clementi. Do not know the name but you can see rack full of different type of metal pipe.