Friday, January 6, 2012

How much CO2 Amano put in his tank?

I just happen to watch ADA view #86 ( and saw that the bubble counter is clearly exposed (circled in red). So I just wondering how many bps of CO2 injected to this 60cm tank. Note that bps is not accurate, different brand of bubble counter give different bps for the same amount of CO2. But never mind, out of curiosity I count how many bps from the video and suprise-suprise its 3 bps same as mine. Many people in the forum was surprise when I told them I inject 3 bps on my 2ft tank.

I also try to count the bps for 90cm tank from ADA view #85 ( but it was too fast, difficult to count from the video. However. based from my visit to Niigata on 2009, it was about 7 or 8bps. It is difficult to count once it is over 5bps.

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