Friday, December 2, 2011

Email from Cheryl Rogers (AGA President) regarding tank size cheating issue

I had received email Cheryl Rogers regarding tank size cheating issue. Below is the email but just to be sure I had requested Cheryl Rogers to share the prove that Chow Wing Ki or Dave Chow give to AGA so that who ever read this blog will know which tank size correct and close the whole thing.

The AGA International Aquascaping Contest Committee have reached Chow Wing Ki through Dave Chow, who helped him to submit the entry. We are now satisfied that his tank's measurements for the AGA contest are correct, although the lighting was initially reported to us incorrectly. Chow Wing Ki is using the Arcadia Series 3 Pendant lighting equipment containing two 150W HQI and two 30 W T8 FL, and it does overhang the edges of the tank but is suspended above the tank. Since 30 W T8 fluorescent lamps are about 36 inches long, this corresponds with the reported tank size.

The tank size measurements reported to the IAPLC were incorrect.

The AGA does not believe that there was any malicious or dishonest intent on the part of any person. We regret the errors in web site code and entry information that originally misled you.

The AGA Contest Committee and Judges unanimously agree that we stand behind the original results and ask that you publicly retract your allegation of cheating on your blog.


Cheryl Rogers
2011 AGA Contest Committee Chair
AGA President

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