Monday, September 19, 2011

IAPLC 2012 Judging Method

IAPLC steering team was just announce new judging method during live broadcast on Saturday (17 September) and since then many discussion around it through out Aquascaping community. Some are welcome to the change and some are not. My take is the new method is wide open for abuse and votes fairness is in question due to nationalism/patriotism.

You can read some of their view from the link below


The issue was started in Round 2 where the top 100 are determine by votes from contestant, fish shop owner and magazine publisher. This mean that country with more contestants and more shop owners will have advantage. What happen to the fish shop who own by old Uncle and Aunty who do not even know how to use computer? This round also open to abuse where contestant can create multiple fake entry, thus he/she will have multiple vote right under his/her control. He/she can even sell the votes in the even his/hers scape unable to enter top 200.

Round 3 (IAPLC jurries and party participants votes will decide the top 7) and Final Round (Grand prize winner will be decided by party participants) will have simmilar issue. This will give adavantage to home country. Which country do you think will have the most NA party participants?

Lets face it, it is just like sport event, people will support their home country team eventhough there no chance of winning.

There are still couple of months before IAPLC 2012 start, lets just wait and see how ADA going to prevent the above possibilities. I just wish there will be tank size category on the next IAPLC. Small tank have slim chance to beat those big tank.

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