Monday, March 21, 2011

2ft - Miracle

My new scape, I called it miracle. Why? Because I'm growing HC without CO2, it will be really a miracle if it is grow. Not that I'm doing it on purpose, recent safety regulation in my office does not allow pressurize gas tank inside office. One thing in mind, if the HC does not grow I will just take it out and replace it with lapis sand.

The scape was begin on early January 2011, just right after new year holiday. Just nice to start new year with new scape. Nothing special in mind, just typical NA style with some variation of using tree like drift wood.

The photo below was taken about 2 weeks after setup. Without CO2 the plants grow are terribly slow but HC does not show sign of melting which is a good sign. Sorry about the quality, it was taken using point and shoot camera.

I decided to dose excel regularly, to boost the plants grow rate to meet ADA competition date line.The photo below was taken end of February which is about a month after the first picture. Plants grow is very slow despite the daily excel dose. Interesting part is the hairgrass grow shorter. The hairgrass was re-plant from my previous scape, so it already with submerse leaf. I guess it try to adapt to new environtment, by shedding the long old leaf and grow new shorter leaf.

The HC grow is ok although it should be able to grow faster. Moss is growing skinny despide 24C water temperature, something that you normally see at high temp. The way it is now, it wont meet the May dateline. It make me think of doing DIY CO2.

Technical spec

Size: 60x30x32(H) cm

Light: 36W

Filter: Eheim 2213

CO2: none

Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Amazonia II

Fertilizer: modified EI

Flora list

1. Eleocharis parvula

2. Eleocharis vivipara

3. Hemianthus callitrichoides

4. Microsorum pteropus

5. Fissidens fontanus

6. Mini fissiden

7. Taxiphyllum sp. (flame moss)

8. Vesicularia dubyana (Singapore moss)

Fauna list

1. Hyphessobrycon amandae (Ember tetra)

2. Caridina cf. cantonensis 'crystal red'

3. Otocinclus affinis

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