Friday, August 20, 2010

Betond Darkness (Kurayami wo Koete)

The IAPLC 2010 result is finaly out. My tank entry was ranked 218 out of 1819. I can't remember which photo I send to the competition, so the photo above may not be the one I send. I probably took thousand of photos through out the tank life.

Tank specification:

1. Tank size: 90x45x45cm

2. Light: 4x39W T5HO

3. CO2: 8bps injected using inline diffuser

4. Temperature: 25 degree C

5. Filter: Eheim 2217

6. Substrate: ADA Amazonia, fine river sand

7. Fertilizer: EI


1. Echinodorus tenellus

2. Eleocharis parvula

3. Eleocharis vivipara

4. Glossostigma elatinoides

5. Microsorum pteropus

6. Taxiphyllum sp (spiky moss)


1. Caridina multidentata (Yamato shrimp)

2. Caridina sp. "Malaya" (Malayan shrimp)

3. Neocaridina heteropoda var. red (Cherry shrimp)

4. Hyphessobrycon megalopterus (Black Phantom tetra)


  1. wew.. 8 bps? is the fauna ok with that?

  2. Fauna are all OK. Bps does not really mean anything. It depend on how big the bubble as well as how efficient the reactor/diffuser is. I'm rely on the drop checker, as long as it light green, fauna dhould be just fine.

  3. Very nice! Which lfs did you get the river sand from? I'm thinking of using sand to create "stream" or "paths" too. Will it alter the water Ph and safe for shrimps?

  4. It does not alter the water chemistry, just make sure you buy the river sand and not a coral sand. You can get it from C328 and NA, other shop might also have it.