Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Inspiration

Sharing some photos of where my 2010 IAPLC tank idea coming from. Its a moss garden photo of Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavillion) Temple at Kyoto. What you see on the ground is all moss not grass. I was so amaze and decided to create something like that in aquarium. Unfortunately there are similarity with 2009 IAPLC rank #12 and 35 but can't be help. I start this tank before 2009 IAPLC result is out. By the time I have the IAPLC booklet, it is already too late to change.

This year work "Beyond Darkness" happen to win the first price of AQ + ADA Singapore Aquascaping Contest 2010. Although I have to thanks Sim (IAPLC 2009 rank #4) and Yeo (IAPLC 2009 rank #19) for not participating. Otherwise there is no chance of winning. I seen their 2010 work and my jaw just drop.

...and what did I got?
1) Cube Garden 60-P
2) Lily Pipe Outflow P-2
3) New Lily Pipe Inflow V-3
4) Garden mat

Cool huh... my first ADA tank and Lily Pipe... I never even dream of buying those with my own money.

Hopefully I can get better rank this year IAPLC.. *keep my finger cross*... will know the result end of July if not delay

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