Friday, October 23, 2009

Amano comment

Finally IAPLC 2009 party is over, now I can post my tank.

I was lucky that Mr. Amano commented about my tank during critique session. Mr. Amano comment are:

  1. The wood is breaking, also it would give strong impression if the woods are pointing upward

  2. Too many nana

  3. White sand will have tought judgement due to difficulty to maintain them.

These are 3 comments that I can still remember. The real time translator was pretty bad. I'm having hard time following it.

Top Aquascaper photos

Walking around visiting Tokyo local fish shop Photo at Mr. Amano house
Dinner party photos at Niigata


  1. Hey Robert, nice tank.......congrats :D

  2. Hi Robert, Great Going and excellent scaping there. Congrats :) -- Sunil

  3. Nice shots Robert you all seems having a lot of fun!!!

    Ciao Enrico

  4. There are more photos I posted at not so local forum.