Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Plants Talk seminar by Dennerle

In my personal opinion, the seminar was disappointing. It is more toward new product launch rather than plant related talk as the title describe. There are no talk about Difference between emmerse and submerse plants, New plant and their requirement, nor Nano plants.

The entire seminar was promoting the Dennerle product and 7 golden rules. However, there are couples of interesting points:

  1. Heating cable, my understanding from other hobbyist experiment across the world that there is no significant growth different between with or without heating cable. Heating cable suppose to circulate the water in the substrate as warm water will move up. This might be the reason Dennerle do not dose macro fertilizer.

  2. Dennerle system relied heavily on substrate no water column macro fertilizer dosing.

  3. Dennerle reduced the blue spectrum from their light bulb. This is the opposite of ADA light bulb. Who is correct?

  4. It was mention that plant is taking a break during photo period. Thus Dennerle suggest of siesta (5 ON – 4 OFF – 5 ON). Did plant take a break?

  5. Rule of thumb for CO2 injection is (tank volume in liter)/10 = bubble per minute. Just imagine for 3ftx1.5ftx1.5ft tank about 180 liters so according the formula 180/10 = 18 bubble per minutes. There is no way you can get 25 – 30 ppm with this amount of CO2 unless he is talking about big giant bubble.

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